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Labor Market Intelligence Tools

How many craft workers do you need? How many craft workers are available? Know with confidence how project spending changes impact the balance of construction labor. Arm yourself with cutting-edge tools and knowledge to understand and mitigate your project risk.

  • Manage Projects
  • Project Labor Forecaster®
  • Manage Labor
  • Manage Wages
  • Measure Productivity
  • Market Intelligence
  • Market Resources
  • Knowledge Center

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Wage & Per Diem Projections

How will wages and per diems change over the next 3-5 years? How will this impact your project labor cost and how you compete for labor? This compensation projection and comprehensive analysis can be done for any state/region based on trends and/or economic forecast.

  • Wage & Per Diem Analysis by state/region (Economic Forecast)
  • Wage & Per Diem Analysis by state/region (Trend Analysis)

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The 20/20 Foresight Report

Uncertainty is the enemy of effective project planning, creating high project risk. The 20/20 Foresight Report online resource is updated constantly by our skilled analysts and economists to help you visualize supply/demand information and understand the economics of construction labor market risk. This market intelligence is a must-have resource for any stakeholder.

  • National and regional macroeconomic construction perspective
  • Economic indices and construction employment tracking and context
  • Dynamic supply/demand shortage rankings (Base-to-Peak) by state/region and craft
  • Skilled worker age and retirement trends by craft discipline
  • Quarterly analysis on the impact of oil/gas prices on construction

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Personalized Analysis & Service

In addition to our robust online tools, reports and data, we work with clients in tailored ways to ensure specific analytical needs are met. Request customized, detailed labor market analysis targeting specific states/regions, crafts, data, etc. Common requests include:

  • Custom dashboard and/or report displays
  • Custom Project Labor Forecaster® algorithms specific to client’s unique projects
  • Personalized service, analytics and reporting where we do all the work for you
  • Construction management supply/demand analysis
  • Single project risk analysis and validation
  • Resources for downsized construction organizations

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The CLMA® Application Features


CLMA Dashboard

The CLMA (Construction Labor Market Analyzer) is an online application helping owners, contractors, labor providers and other industry stakeholders understand the skilled labor market and mitigate project risk.


  • User friendly project management in a confidential and collaborative environment
  • Visualization of skilled labor supply/demand to understand risk and imbalances
  • Actionable labor data for 49 crafts and 14 professional positions, up to 5 years out
  • Economic analysis of the construction marketplace – updated continuously
  • Wage and per diem projections for 3-5 years out
  • Customized analytics, dashboards, and reporting solutions
  • Quarterly reporting on oil and gas price impact on construction
  • Much more…

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Empower your team to plan effectively with
cutting-edge tools and real-time data.

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Construction Productivity in an Imbalanced Labor Market

ConstructionProductivityImbalancedLabor MarketCraft labor shortages are a serious issue with a huge impact on project productivity. To gain a better understanding of productivity from their perspective, the Construction Labor Market Analyzer and the Construction Users Roundtable have collaborated in recent years to conduct surveys of construction owners, contractors and unions across the U.S.

Not only does this white paper examine productivity past and present, it also discusses the impact of labor risk on project outcomes; and concludes by offering owner recommendations for addressing labor risk in an imbalanced market and improving construction productivity. With such a clear correlation between productivity decline and the labor shortage, effective risk management, productivity tracking and workforce growth is vital to improving project outcomes and the construction industry overall.

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“This past spring there has been a severe shortage of labor in our region. Several of our projects have run short but with a tool like the CLMA®, we are able to make educated decisions on how we want to handle the shortages. We are better equipped, better able to plan, and we are in control of the outcome instead of simply reacting to a situation that was previously out of our hands.”

Eddie Clayton // Southern Company

“It’s important to know which skilled craft and professional positions are in demand, especially in the long-term. If we know that the industry is short 50 engineers for projects scheduled three years out, we can start training them now. Labor outlooks provided by the CLMA® enable us to understand the demand and then we can decide if we need to ramp up existing training, or if we need to develop brand new training options.”

Matt Campbell // ABC Pelican Chapter

“Our company uses the CLMA® as resource whenever looking at opportunities in different regions. We can determine risk factors ahead of time and build this into our estimates, or decide maybe we shouldn’t even bid on a project at all. The algorithms in the program far exceeded our expectations, and now that we’ve used them, it would be hard to do business without them.”

Chris Buckman //BMWC Constructors, Inc.

“Focusing on the specific skilled labor needs of an upcoming project and then tackling labor shortfalls in the project planning and execution is incredibly important. The CLMA® enables project analysts and planners to know, with a high degree of certainty, what labor issues to expect during a project. ”

Chris Affuso // Praxair