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Executive Package Services – $16,000

This Executive Package tends to be our most popular. It provides excellent tools and services resulting in high-value, bottom-line labor market analytics that enables your team to manage current and forecasted project labor risk and explore new market opportunities. We’ve outlined below the features most common to this package, but you can also customize your account, including adding tools, features and services to meet your business expectations.
Basic Report Generator

Everyone wants CLMA® data and analytics, but many prefer an easy, quick approach to getting it. The BRG accomplishes that and is a complimentary addition to the Market Intelligence portal included with this package. The BRG harnesses all the data and power of the advanced report generator, but incorporates the most common report parameters, configurations and requests so that when you run a report you only need 3 bits of information…

  • State or central zip code for your report
  • Craft disciplines you are tracking (up to 5)
  • Industry sector (Industrial, Non-Ind, all Non-Residential)

The CLMA® does the work and you get a professionally formatted report within a couple minutes, in Excel, ready to use. When quick and simple is what’s required, the BRG is the right tool.

Analyst Package

The complete suite of CLMA® market analysis and risk-planning tools listed below. Learn more at http://www.myclma.com/clma-tools-services/

  • The CLMA® online application and toolbox includes the following…
    • Project Manager – tools for project entry, management and analytics, including high-level productivity benchmarking
    • Project Labor Forecaster® – tools for developing and refining project labor demand projections
    • Labor Manager – tools for supply data entry, management and tracking based on mobility, attrition and more
    • Wage & Per Diem Manager – tools for wage data entry and management
    • Market Intelligence – access to database reporting and analytics
    • Productivity Manager – access to productivity tracking tools and the joint CII, CURT® and CLMA® benchmarking database
    • GeoID Labor Tracking –visualization of when/where workers will come available
    • 20/20 Foresight Report – macroeconomic and base-to-peak market analysis
  • Wages & Per Diem Data – CIR will provide wage and per diem rates (bare and/or burdened) for selected crafts based on current Bureau of Labor Statistics wage rates and General Services Administration per diem rates. Data is provided in Excel format and uploaded into your CLMA® account Wage Manager.
Market Analytics & Reports (4x)

A dedicated CIR analyst will develop and deliver up to 4 standard analytics reports (SAMPLE) annually based on the following parameters, with additional options also available and priced according to scope. The report timing and scope for each analytics report will be determined in consultation with your CIR account manager…

  • Skilled labor demand & supply construction market data for up to 49 crafts for your specified state/region in visual and Excel spreadsheet formats
  • Skilled labor demand & supply construction market data for a specific project for up to 49 crafts for your specified state/region in visual and Excel spreadsheet formats
  • Wage and per diem rates (bare and/or burdened) for selected crafts based on current Bureau of Labor Statistics wage rates and General Services Administration per diem rates (Excel format)
  • Macro-economic construction market spending for the specified state and/or region
Wage & Per Diem Escalation (1x)

A dedicated CIR analyst will develop and deliver a standard wage, per diem and economic forecast (SAMPLE) covering the state agreed to as part of the scope of this package. The following is included with additional options also available and priced according to scope.

  • Two U.S. forecasts: a consensus trend outlook and an alternative cycle (encompassing the most prominent risk). Examples of risks
    • Upside Risk –  g. Market demand spike for specific chemicals
    • Downside Risk – E.g. Interest rates spike higher, leading to a recession.
  • State-by-state economic profiles forecasts for:
    • Gross state product
    • Total employment
    • Construction employment
    • Residential building permits
    • Non-residential spending
    • Other variables
  • Skilled trade employment and wage rate forecasts: The employment and wage equations are embedded in the state-by-state models and skilled trades forecasts are generated accordingly and closely analyzed and adjusted.
  • For the selected states, the forecast is comprised of both narrative analysis and data tables. The forecast outlines the methodology employed for the gap analysis and compensation analysis and contains an executive summary of the findings.  The methodology section includes descriptions of data utilized, sources, analytical methods, and information acquired through academic and industry studies.  The forecast period is up to 5 years and includes:
  • Executive Summary of the compensation study for the states and region
  • Labor Market analysis, including competition for labor, gap analysis and related construction spending for the states and region
  • Compensation Trends and Forecast (Wages & Per Diem) focused on establishing and projecting annual hourly wage and per diem escalation rates using the most current Bureau of Labor Statistics wage rates and General Services Administration per diem rates.
  • The compensation analysis approach will involve both government and private source data. The analysis and rates are for the selected skilled craft positions listed below, along with market perspective and methodology narrative, are created and presented as two dynamic scenarios – Conservative & Alternative – including two distinct forecasts, for wages and per diems. Escalation scenarios are based on econometric modeling in addition to CLMA® data and/or manual inputs and adjusted for outliers and/or other custom variables.
    • Boilermaker / Boilermaker Welder
    • Carpenter (Scaffold Builder)
    • Electrician
    • Insulator
    • Instrumentation Technician
    • Ironworker Reinforcing
    • Ironworker / Welder Structural
    • Millwrights
    • Operator (Heavy Crane)
    • Operator (Heavy Equipment)
    • Pipefitter
    • Pipefitter / Combo Welder
  • The forecast will examine historic trends and combine these trends with other relevant independent variables and/or economic factors to separately produce projections of annual escalation rates for wages and per diems. Forecasting methods are clearly spelled out in the report’s narrative along with the implications of our findings.
Quarterly Webinar with CIR Analyst (4x)

A dedicated CIR analyst will plan a quarterly webinar with your team to review progress to date as well as services and solutions needed going forward. The agenda will be determined in advance by the client and can cover a range of topics including specific project labor risk, market conditions, supply/demand analysis for a given region, etc. This webinar will also provide an opportunity to collaborate and determine the scope of future work to be done by CIR to ensure proper planning and timely delivery.

Training & Assistance

We want your experience with CIR and the CLMA® tools to be excellent. When you join the CIR network, we will work to ensure your team is fully trained on all of the features and benefits currently available, as well as any new features and services that are developed. You will also be able to connect to your account manager by phone, email and/or text to facilitate timely assistance and input.

Excellent Service Benefits

We know you are busy, and in today’s construction world we find that many of the folks we work with are continually being expected to do more with less. To that end, we are help to help you and when you need assistance, we will be happy to do the work for you whenever possible. For example…

  • Importation and maintenance of project, supply and/or wage data
  • Prepare brief Market Intelligence data requests one-off or on a schedule (market analytics reports are addressed above and can be added/priced as needed)
  • Assistance in translating data and analytics into information that is consumable, understandable, actionable and contextualized for the business environment in which you operate, without having to do training and report development
User Licenses

This package includes unlimited user licenses for the purchasing organization.


The tools and analytics can be customized and branding to your specifications.

Construction & Engineering Services

Additional Construction & Engineering Services: For companies also seeking staffing and consulting solutions, we are able to facilitate contract placements, contract-to-permanent placements and direct-hire recruiting, along with project expertise and consulting using highly talented leaders with seasoned, hands-on construction and engineering experience.

The CIR Confidentiality & Anti-Trust Commitment – Because we know your information is proprietary and confidential, we aggressively work to ensure your data is never shared or revealed, regardless of the type of data or the format in which you provide it. In addition, our report outputs conform to Federal anti-trust regulations to help prevent CLMA-generated information from being used for inappropriate purposes. Learn more…
Who is the typical Executive Package user?
This package was designed to help owners and contractors who need bottom line information, in “English”, for project business decisions on U.S. based projects, but may also have project planning teams ranging from Analysts to the C-suite. This package enables you to move forward with the labor/business intelligence we provide or dig deeper.

An ideal user is someone who is able to spot trends and patterns in numbers, data sets and intelligence and translate that into actionable conclusions. However, this package is highly inclusive, so the entire team can use the tools, analysis and resources at their disposal.

Users of this package usually include roles in…

  • C-Suite Executives
  • Finance / Risk
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Business Development
  • Estimating
  • Market Analysts
  • Project Leaders
  • Human Resources
  • Workforce Development

Organizations typically using this package…

  • Owners
  • Contractors
  • Unions
  • Consultants
  • State Governments
  • Associations
  • Trainers
How does the Executive Package help you?
This package helps bridge the gap between labor market analytics data and its application for a project in the business environment, while still providing all the analytics tools and capabilities needed by the planning team.

This package is the ideal suite of resources to keep you fully informed and facilitate effective early and ongoing labor risk planning for your U.S. based projects regardless of where they are located.


  • Avoid and manage labor cost escalation by understanding wage and per diem movement and setting labor budgets and contingency more effectively
  • Avoid and manage schedule disruption
  • Determine mitigation options for labor shortages by understanding the macro and micro construction markets
  • Increase productivity by letting CIR arm you with labor risk intelligence and economic trend information so you don’t have to do the work
  • Understand labor risks during the planning and execution project phases
  • Understanding labor shortages that will increase safety risks
  • Assists owners in contractor bid selection process
  • Assists contractors in estimating and bidding processes
  • Assists workforce development leaders in knowing how to ensure they will have the right people in the right place at the right time to meet project expectations.

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