Construction Productivity in an Imbalanced Labor Market

An extensive look at how labor shortfalls are affecting the construction industry. 

ConstructionProductivityImbalancedLabor MarketOur new white paper, Construction Productivity in an Imbalanced Labor Market, addressing the construction industry’s productivity and labor shortage challenges is now available for download.

Craft labor shortages are a serious issue with a huge impact on project productivity. To gain a better understanding of productivity from their perspective, the Construction Labor Market Analyzer and the Construction Users Roundtable have collaborated in recent years to conduct surveys of construction owners, contractors and unions across the U.S.

The data shows a clear correlation between the decline of productivity and the shortage of essential skilled craft labor verifying that an imbalanced labor market is a clear leading indicator of poor productivity. This white paper offers the opportunity to hear from your peers about labor risk and decreasing industrial construction productivity issues they’re facing. The document unveils the construction industry’s productivity challenges compared to other industries as well as historical perspective over the last 60 years.

Not only does this white paper examine productivity past and present, it also discusses the impact of labor risk on project outcomes; and concludes by offering owner recommendations for addressing labor risk in an imbalanced market and improving construction productivity. With such a clear correlation between productivity decline and the labor shortage, effective risk management, productivity tracking and workforce growth is vital to improving project outcomes and the construction industry overall.

What you will find in this white paper:

  • Construction Productivity Historically… a comparison of the construction industry and its productivity compared to other major industries over the last 60 years.
  • Construction Productivity Today… an in-depth survey taken by various construction companies across the country analyzing the productivity situation of today with real-data.
  • Productivity and Project Outcomes a look into how poor productivity affects project outcomes.
  • Impact of Skilled Labor Shortages on Productivity… analyzing the impact of the labor shortage and its effect on productivity – including the breakdown of regions in the United States.
  • Mitigating Project Risk… the exploration of owner solutions to mitigate project risk.
  • Improving Productivity… owner suggestions to improve productivity during anticipated labor shortages.

Download this white paper now at no cost for an in-depth look at construction industry productivity and risk as well as recommendations to overcome these challenges. Learn how to identify problems early and plan effectively using owner-recommended tools and solutions. Industry has the capability to deliver, but it must also summon the urgency to respond quickly rather that react to crisis. This document provides guidance to industry stakeholders on this important issue.

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