Guide to Helping Predict Construction Accidents

Construction_Industry_Trends_Shot_-_2016_MayAccidents Are Avoidable

Too often, construction is dangerous, and unfortunately there are still too many construction accidents during projects.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  On the continual journey to achieving an accident-free worksite, leading indicators are an effective way to understand your safety risks and whether your construction project will likely experience more accidents than average.

We’ve assembled an informational guide on construction industry trends that increase the potential for accident occurrence. Let us help arm you with data and tools to identify accident risks so you can work towards taking steps to plan for them and prevent them.

Our guide can’t stop accidents from happening on your construction site, but it can help you identify accident risk factors and plan accordingly, preventing injuries and delays to keep your workers safe and your project on schedule.

Our free guide contains:

  • Conditions and trends to watch

  • Ways to predict an increase in accidents

  • Common types of construction accident risks

  • Resources to plan effectively and help avoid future accidents

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