What You Need To Know To Get Started…

How do I set up my CLMA Account

To create your CLMA® account, click the “Create New Account” and complete the electronic registration form. For security and confidentiality purposes the CLMA® Administrator will review and validate your account and email a temporary password to you when approved. This process may take 2-3 days, but usually occurs within 24 hours. Be sure to review the confidentiality and antitrust provisions when setting up your account. Follow these easy steps to set up an account:

    • Explore the website and create an account by clicking the “Create New Account” button under the Login tab.
    • If you are currently employed by or associated with a company/organization, begin your registration process by typing your company name into the search box and click the “Search” button to see if your company/organization is already registered with the CLMA®. If your company name doesn’t appear, try the acronym or a portion of the name.
    • When your company/organization name appears, click the name and continue the registration process. This connects your account to your organization.
    • If your company/organization name does not appear on the list, click the “Register New Organization” button and complete the registration process.
    • Your account request will be sent to the CLMA® Admin to validate your information. You will be notified by email (usually within 24 hours) when your account is approved.
    • If requested, a short-term Trial Period can be arranged to give you an opportunity to explore the subscription-only area of the CLMA® before subscribing.
    • Login and get started.
Why must my account be approved to access the CLMA®

Data security and confidentiality, along with participant anonymity, are of absolute importance and vigorously protected. Therefore, if you are an owner, contractor, labor union or labor broker requesting access to the model, we need to first verify that you should be able to access the organization to which you claimed employment. It is also likely that the Primary User for your organization will also need to approve your account.

If you are any other user requesting access to the CLMA®, you will likely be approved immediately because you will only be able to access aggregate data that does not enable you to identify an owner, contractor, labor union or project.

I have an approved CLMA® account...now what?

First, login to your account with the username and temporary password that were emailed to you when your account was approved. Be sure to establish a unique password when prompted. Now that you are logged in, follow the directions below.

Owners – Click on the Manage Projects tab to enter new projects and manage projects already in the CLMA®.  More detail is available in that area.

Contractors – Click on the Manage Labor tab to enter your company’s labor data and manage your data already in the system. More detail is available in that area.

Unions – Click on the Manage Labor tab to enter your union’s labor data and manage your data already in the system. More detail is available in that area.

All Users – Click on the Labor Scenarios tab to generate labor supply/demand reports. Visit the Message Center often for additional information about the CLMA®.

Can I immediately access regional labor market data?
After your account is approved, you will have immediate access to the Labor Scenarios. Your ability to graph labor supply and demand depends on there being a critical mass of data such that the information retrieved has value, is reliable and does not violate confidentiality and anti-trust. We benchmark our database against the U.S. Department of Commerce and currently it represents about 70% of the U.S. construction marketplace – far more than the necessary levels that are required. Your participation enables the CLMA® to grow and provides a secure, easy-to-use tool for managing your projects.
What is the source of the CLMA® labor market data?
    • Industrial construction data (power generation, petro-chemical, manufacturing, process, etc.) is input and managed directly by the owner, and the craft requirement data of those projects is provided by the owner, or through the Project Labor Forecaster®.
    • Non-industrial construction data (roads, bridges, stadiums, office buildings, schools, water/sewer, warehouses, etc.) is imported from the Dodge Data & Analytics database. The Project Labor Forecaster® translates those projects into craft requirement headcount data.
    • The CLMA® does not collect or report on residential construction projects.
    • The CLMA® does not collect or report on second-hand or indirectly sourced project data; however, until the CLMA® is fully populated with project data from owners, we have included projections for known projects to help ensure a robust database.  As those projects are entered into the CLMA® by the owner, the projection data is removed to prevent duplication and overstatement of demand.
    • Labor availability (supply) data in the CLMA® is input by each individual contractor and union from their payroll records or other employment rolls.  The CLMA® has been designed to prevent duplicate reporting for union workers on contractor payroll. NOTE:  Until contractors and unions have input a sufficiently representative amount of labor data, the CLMA® database is reporting the U.S. Department of Labor, BLS payroll-based supply data.
Is there a fee to access the CLMA®?

The Labor Market Scenarios and analytics provided through the CLMA® has significant value to any stakeholder involved in the construction industry; however, the cost of staffing and operations is significant to maintain this service. There is a subscription fee to use the CLMA® and we strive to keep that cost as low as possible.  The CLMA® pricing is structured as follows:

Owners – Flat annual subscription fee.

Contractors – Tiered annual subscription fee designed to provide affordability for varying sized contractors.

Unions – Tiered annual subscription fee designed to provide affordability for varying sized labor locals.

Labor Brokers – Tiered annual subscription fee designed to provide affordability for varying sized labor brokers.

Local User Councils – Flat annual subscription fee which may be refunded by engaging your membership to participate.

Industry Associations – Flat annual subscription fee which may be refunded by engaging your membership to participate.

Training Providers – Flat annual subscription fee designed to be affordable and encourage use of the CLMA®.

All Others – Flat annual subscription fee.

If you are an owner, contractor, union or labor broker full participation is also required for access in addition to the subscription fee. The purpose of this is increase data contribution to the CLMA®.

For more information on pricing and participation, contact Daniel Groves at 859.339.5071 or by dgroves@myCLMA.com.

Can my organization have multiple users for the CLMA®?
Yes.  After the organization account is approved and payment received, an unlimited number of users for that organization is allowed.  The system is designed to allow tiered administrator rights within an organization, with assignable access rights to the data/project for each user and user group within that company. This helps prevent duplication of project data and help us maintain a secure, confidential CLMA®. This process is self-explanatory as your company account is set up and if needed, a CLMA® administrator will be available to assist you.
Can I advertise with the CLMA®?

Yes. Advertising on the website is available as well as opportunities to sponsor and advertise in the periodic Construction Labor Market Analyzer® 20/20 Foresight Report.

Please contact us about these opportunities. They will provide excellent exposure for your company and help support the CLMA® so that we can keep the cost as low as possible for all Users.

How will my project data be displayed to other users?
All Labor Market Scenarios (both supply and demand) are displayed in aggregate format only to ensure the anonymity and confidentiality of all Users and data. The CLMA® will NOT display labor market data in a way that will reveal individual projects, owners, contractors, unions, labor brokers, Users or craft workers. The search protocols conform to federal anti-trust guidelines. If there is an insufficient number of projects available in the database for a particular region, you will receive a Labor Scenario Alert and will be asked to refine or enlarge your search parameters.
When I enter a project in the CLMA® who can access it?
When you enter a project into the CLMA®, the only persons with access to your project will be you and the Primary Contact (administrator) in your organization who also has approval rights to your User account. However, you may also designate others to View or View/Edit your project information. If you want to give others access to your project information, the other individual(s) must have an approved account within the CLMA® so that they are also aware of and comply with the established confidentiality and anti-trust provisions.
Is my company identified as a participant in the CLMA®?
The company name will be identified as a participant in the model under the “About” tab; however, no project information input by the User will be revealed except as provided for in the confidentiality agreement to which each User has agreed. Company names, User names, and projects are never identified in the analysis and displays except to the individual who created the project and to their administrative manager. All others only see data in the aggregate.
Do I need a LUC membership to participate in the CLMA®?
No. If you already belong to a Local User Council (LUC), we commend you for this level of industry engagement. If you do not belong to a LUC, you will not be required to join one; however, we do encourage LUC participation. We believe that the grassroots support and local/regional relationships and information that are unique to LUCs enable them to assist this CLMA® in achieving success.
Do I need a CURT® membership to participate in the CLMA®?
No. If you already belong to The Construction Users Roundtable® (CURT®), we commend you for this level of industry engagement. If your company is not a CURT® member, you will not be required to join; however, we do encourage you check out the association and strongly consider joining as an owner or contractor member. CURT® is the premier owners organization representing about $200 billion of annual construction spending and the relationships and industry resources available to you through membership and participation is highly valuable.
What is the connection between the CLMA® and CURT®?
The CLMA® was developed and launched in 2008 because of the skilled workforce availability concerns of members of the Construction Users Roundtable® (CURT®) Workforce Development Committee. The CLMA® was designed to help the industry have access actionable labor market analytics to enable effective project labor planning and facilitate targeted recruiting and training programs. Althought it operates independently of CURT®, the CLMA® remains a high priority for the Workforce Developement Committee and maintains a close affiliation with CURT® and its membership.