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Affordable State-by-State Pricing

The BRG is a great way to get started. Now you can create and download unlimited CLMA® market reports for only the states you need…and you can start immediately because we’ve simplified the process and no training is required. If you need more, let us help you choose the right package for you.

What is the Basic Report Generator?

By listening closely to our CLMA® users, we’ve heard that everyone wants our data and analytics, but many prefer an easy, quick approach to getting it. The BRG accomplishes that. The BRG harnesses all the data and power of the CLMA® Advanced Market Intelligence Portal, but incorporates the most common report parameters, configurations and requests so that when you run a report you only need 3 bits of information…

  • State or central zip code for your report
  • Craft disciplines you are tracking (up to 5)
  • Industry sector (Industrial, Non-Ind, all Non-Res)

We do the rest of the work and you get a professionally formatted report within a couple minutes, in Excel and ready to use.

For some, the simplicity of the BRG reports is all that’s needed.  However, if you need advanced analytics or our excellent CIR Team services, let us assist and/or help you select the right package for your company.

What do I get in a BRG report?

  • User Guide – Information on how to use the CLMA® data and who typically uses the analytics.
  • Summary – 1-page report overview of spending and supply & demand data, wages, burden rates, and per diems by selected craft
  • Headcount by Craft – Supply & demand data for up to 5 craft disciplines in tabular and chart formats.
  • Construction Spending – Aggregated Industrial and Non-Industrial project spending data.
  • Wages – Data includes mean, median, 75th percentile, and 90th percentile hourly BLS base wages by craft. Also includes average statewide burden rates and statewide GSA per diems.
  • Macro Economy – Statewide and nationwide labor shortage and unemployment trends.
  • Report Parameters – Identifies database filters used to generate the report from the Market Intelligence database to ensure you have context for the information you received.
The CIR Confidentiality & Anti-Trust Commitment – Because we know your information is proprietary and confidential, we aggressively work to ensure your data is never shared or revealed, regardless of the type of data or the format in which you provide it. In addition, our report outputs conform to Federal anti-trust regulations to help prevent CLMA-generated information from being used for inappropriate purposes. Learn more…

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