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Quick, powerful labor risk planning tools for business intelligence.

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Analyst Package Services – $12,000

This Analyst Package offers a robust suite of tools designed to help owners, contractors and unions who need reliable labor market intelligence and also have the right folks on the team to help translate the data and information into actionable conclusions. This package provides tools for the entire team. We’ve outlined below the features most common to this package, but you can also customize your account, including adding tools, features and services to meet your business expectations.
Basic Report Generator

Everyone wants CLMA® data and analytics, but many prefer an easy, quick approach to getting it. The BRG accomplishes that and is a complimentary addition to the Market Intelligence portal included with this package. The BRG harnesses all the data and power of the advanced report generator, but incorporates the most common report parameters, configurations and requests so that when you run a report you only need 3 bits of information…

  • State or central zip code for your report
  • Craft disciplines you are tracking (up to 5)
  • Industry sector (Industrial, Non-Ind, all Non-Residential)

The CLMA® does the work and you get a professionally formatted report within a couple minutes, in Excel, ready to use. When quick and simple is what’s required, the BRG is the right tool.

CLMA® Toolbox

The complete suite of CLMA® market analysis and risk-planning tools listed below. Learn more at

The CLMA® online application and toolbox includes the following…

  • Project Manager – This suite of tools enables easy project entry and management, along with detailed analytics and benchmarking of your project(s) labor demand against other projects in the region as you define it. It includes tools for project entry, management and analytics, including high-level productivity benchmarking.
  • Project Labor Forecaster® – This suite of tools enables the more sophisticated user to forecast labor demand for your project(s), refine labor projections and make granular market adjustments such as allocating modular project labor demand to other regions.
  • Labor Manager – This suite of tools enable easy supply data entry, management and analytics to keep your team informed of mobility, attrition and capacity to meet demand.
  • Wage & Per Diem Manager – This tool enables wage and per diem data entry, management and tracking for any state or customized region in the U.S., using your own data and/or our data.
  • Market Intelligence – The robust, comprehensive database enables easy high-level or highly-granular supply/demand data generation, reporting and analytics for effective project planning.
  • GeoID Labor Tracking – This tool enables visualization of when/where workers will come available to facilitate more effective planning and recruitment.
  • 20/20 Foresight Report – This dynamic, online report is available at your fingertips with constantly updated supply/demand data, monthly updated construction market macroeconomic analysis, base-to-peak market analysis and quarterly updated analysis of oil and gas price impacts on construction.
Wage & Per Diem Data
CIR will provide wage and per diem rates (bare and/or burdened) for selected crafts based on current Bureau of Labor Statistics wage rates and General Services Administration per diem rates. Data is provided in Excel format and/or uploaded into your CLMA® account Wage Manager.
Training & Assistance with CIR Analyst

We want your experience with CIR and the CLMA® tools to be excellent. When you join the CIR network, we will work to ensure your team is fully trained on all of the features and benefits currently available, as well as any new features and services that are developed. You will also be able to connect to your account manager by phone, email and/or text to facilitate timely assistance and input.

Additionally, with this package, we provide 1 complimentary standard report.

User Licenses

This package includes 3 user licenses for the purchasing organization.

Construction & Engineering Services

Additional Construction & Engineering Services: For companies also seeking staffing and consulting solutions, we are able to facilitate contract placements, contract-to-permanent placements and direct-hire recruiting, along with project expertise and consulting using highly talented leaders with seasoned, hands-on construction and engineering experience.

The CIR Confidentiality & Anti-Trust Commitment – Because we know your information is proprietary and confidential, we aggressively work to ensure your data is never shared or revealed, regardless of the type of data or the format in which you provide it. In addition, our report outputs conform to Federal anti-trust regulations to help prevent CLMA-generated information from being used for inappropriate purposes. Learn more…
Who is the typical Analyst Package user?
Users will typically possess one more of the following capabilities which enables them to operate in a self-service environment:

  • Statistically savvy and understands effective database and query navigation
  • Understands how to develop their own queries from underlying data and/or dig deep to further explore what’s happening
  • Possesses excellent business acumen and an effective understanding of the context for the analytics they are developing
  • Serves as an internal “go-to” resource for development of data and analytics to support executive decision-making

An ideal user is someone who is able to spot trends and patterns in numbers, data sets and intelligence and translate that into actionable conclusions. However, this package is highly inclusive, so the entire team can use the tools, analysis and resources at their disposal.

Users of this package usually include roles in…

  • Market Analysts
  • Engineering
  • Business Development
  • Estimating
  • Human Resources
  • Workforce Development
  • Other

Organizations typically using this package…

  • Owners
  • Contractors
  • Unions
  • Consultants
  • State Governments
  • Associations
  • Trainers
How does the Analyst Package help you?
This package was designed to help owners and contractors and unions who need reliable labor market intelligence for project planning, risk management and workforce development.

This package provides quick, powerful self-service tools for business intelligence, query/filter utilization, drill-down capability, raw data development, data visualization, and analytics development. The tools enable running multiple queries/reports quickly creating better “speed to answer” capability.

This package is ideal for keeping you fully informed and facilitating effective early and ongoing labor risk planning for your U.S. based projects regardless of where they are located.

  • Avoid and manage labor cost escalation by understanding wage and per diem movement and setting labor budgets and contingency more effectively
  • Avoid and manage schedule disruption
  • Determine mitigation options for labor shortages by understanding the macro and micro construction markets
  • Increase productivity by letting CIR arm you with labor risk intelligence and economic trend information so you don’t have to do the work
  • Understand labor risks during the planning and execution project phases
  • Understanding labor shortages that will increase safety risks
  • Assists owners in contractor bid selection process
  • Assists contractors in estimating and bidding processes
  • Assists workforce development leaders in knowing how to ensure they will have the right people in the right place at the right time to meet project expectations.

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